About Us

Anusha Illukkumbura is the author of the “Easy Statistics Series” and she is the founder of anushabooks.com. Apart from being an academic writer and a researcher, she trains entrepreneurs and consults MSMEs during her work as an Entrepreneurship Development Trainer for the Sri Lankan government.

Her main fields of research interests are macroeconomics theories, labour economics, and health economics. Time-series data analysis and multivariate data analysis are the main statistics models she uses in her studies. The data analysis tools, Anusha mostly uses for her analysis are Rstudio,e-views, SPSS, and Minitab.

Anusha holds an M.Sc in Business Statistics from the Engineering Faculty of the University of Moratuwa, which is one of the leading universities for engineering and mathematics studies in the region. She has a B.A in Social Statistics and she has been working on statistics and data analysis for almost 10 years. Her work experiences and education gave her deep knowledge on topics related to statistics.

Anusha has also worked in Tech Mahindra Ltd in Hyderabad, India for two years which is a Multi-National Company in the IT sector. She is a Sri Lankan and currently lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The aim of writing the “Easy Statistics Series” is to provide students with easy and affordable learning materials on statistics.